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Click on any component in the browser to open its code in your IDE. You can use it as a browser extension or as a library. For React, Preact, Solid, Vue and Svelte.

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Create landing pages your audience will love

Effortlessly create, pitch, and validate your early-stage business with our no-code landing page builder.


Podcast summaries delivered to your inbox

Skim the quotes and bullet point summaries within minutes of each episode release


Leading Linkeding Network Manager

Organize your LinkedIn connections the way you want. No ads, no distractions.

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Find the clients for your startup on Twitter

Targeting your customers on Twitter has never been easier

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Indie hacking

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Open Source

Find your next favorite
products before everyone

Bridging the gap between Makers and Users with early access and early feedback.

  • Quick access to ChatGPT from any website, it's free and open source!

  • Deliver the best experience to your Visitors & turn them into Customers. Build your Website now!

Coming soon.

Just like if Notion & Squarespace had a baby.

Pagy will be the easiest way to build a website. Join the waitlist to get early access.


Reliable mentors in children's coding

Empowering young minds through coding education for over a decade!

Trusted by parents at:

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Instantly transform your home - Coming soon

Interior design. In your pocket

Forget trying to imagine what a style would look like in your home - see what could be, instantly.

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Scalable Cold Email Personalization

Do your personalized emails take too long?

We help sales teams increase their outbound with scalable and high quality customized emails for every prospect.


Deploying your service has never been easier

Zeabur is a platform that helps developers deploy services with a single click, no matter what programming language or development framework your project uses.


Monoqrom is live. Learn more.

Learn more

Quick method to start your projects in Figma

or the code version built with Astro and Tailwind CSS.


A set of 28 dark & light mesh gradients in 5k res

use on your design projects, as backgrounds, wallpapers, presentations,.. and anywhere you can think of


Documentation is hard.

Make it easier to keep your docs up to date when code changes.


A simple Markdown-compatible editor for you

Make it easy to write docs in plain language but still keep them close to code.

Get notified when code changes impact documentation

Keep documentation relevant and up-to-date. Get notified when code linked to docs is changed.

Combine docs from multiple repositories and sources

Document features that span multiple services, improve onboarding for new developers, and incorporate relevant information.

Engage your audience with the power of emojis

No Auth, Low Code, Emoji Widget


Engage your audience by capturing their reactions to your content

No login required

Your audience never has to login. We create a unique token based on a few data points.

Low Code

With two lines of code you can add this to any page on your site!


View all your sites, pages and page reactions.
Upload. Train. Chat.

Boost your productivity.

Chat to documents and extract information in seconds.Create account, upload documents and chat with them, build your QA database and reuse anywhere.


Become the smartest dropshipper in the room.

Access thousands of dropshipping lessons, resources, step-by-step mentorship and launch your business in a weekend with a community who can help you make it happen, hustle-free and cost-effective.


Time tracker for workaholics Obsessed with optimizing their productivity

NoRush is a time tracker with analytics, leaderboards, calendars and more, to help you do more in less time. Share your email so we can tell you when we are launching.

Get to known when we will launch. We won't share your email.

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Supports Spanish    🇪🇸, olé!

Create presentation slides with AI in seconds

Let the AI write the outline and presentation content for you. With our tool, you can easily create professional, engaging slides from any text in no time.


Discover landing page examples to get inspired for your venture.


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